The idea of being better absolutely consumes my life, from my daily 5:00am 10km runs to a day filled with voracious reading, writing and challenging myself. Everyday I work to be better, stronger and more effective than yesterday.

Selling provides the best opportunity for individuals to challenge and reward themselves without constraint. Selling is at the root of every business and careers success.

I am passionate about sales recruitment, sales process, sales training and everything that touches on business growth. If you are facing a challenge in any of these areas, contact me and let’s talk about positively changing your circumstances. I have sold to a wide variety of sectors in 28 countries. Selling and business creation is my passion and I regularly speak to groups and organisations about sales success.

About Wyn

I regularly speak at a variety of London events. I am also available to train and motivate your sales team to achieve more. I am available to speak throughout the UK and internationally.